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A Few Thoughts to Inaugurate my New Blog


The Shorty Awards are unique awards for the Twitter community in several categories ranging between humor, entertainment, art, tech, politics, and many others. This year the politics category is on fire with Ali Abunimah becoming a finalist in the competition by popular vote. He basically swept the rug from under the feet of a racist Zionist spreading misinformation like a perfect propagandist tool while claiming to lead a “Jewish Internet Defense Force.” The problem is that David is blatantly racist, although he’s doing a poor job denying it; Most Jewish organizations/people are ignoring him or even outright shunning him. If you happen to have a twitter account and want to help Abunimah maintain his lead in the final round of votes you can go to the his shorty awards page and vote for him from there. Make sure you mention the reason you’re voting for him (e.g. because he supports equality and human rights.)


I have been in the US for over seven months now. Sometimes a friend asks: “Do you miss Syria?” I always think about that and reply by saying that more than anything I miss the people (and sometimes the food). What makes a homeland is the people inhabiting it before the land itself. In a recent conversation with a Syrian friend whom I’ve never met, he was saying that he didn’t want to leave the country because he didn’t want to have to adapt to a new world and new people.  Distance is becoming more and more irrelevant everyday. People of different cultures are becoming less alienated with every click of a mouse in each forsaken corner of the world. The only real challenge that traveling entails is leaving behind those whom you care about the most; Language is acquirable. Cultural customs are a breeze to get used to. A job or an education are attainable. But how easy is it to brew an indifference towards those closest to you?


To motivate myself into writing more than one post a month over here; I will start a series of posts about the different projects, websites, and organizations that I have been involved with to various degrees recently.


I really wanted to include something about Syria in this post, so I looked at Syria-news for inspiration. I can’t say that the news have changed much: Corruption. Embezzlement. A vicious circle of useless talks with Western officials. Another honor killing. Another major traffic accident with dozens injured or dead. The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Diala el-Hajj Arif, is still an imbecile; I hate her with the heat of a thousand suns.

Things haven’t changed much.


سَأعيشُ رَغْـمَ الـدَّاءِ والأَعـداءِ * كالنَّسْـر فـوقَ القِمَّـةِ الشَّمَّـاءِ
أرْنُو إلى الشَّمْسِ المُضِيئةِ هازِئاً * بالسُّحْبِ والأَمطـارِ والأَنواءِ
لا أرْمقُ الظِّلَّ الكئيـبَ ولا أرَى * مَا فـي قَـرارِ الهُـوَّةِ السَّــوداءِ

نشيد الجبار (هكذا غنّى بروميثيوس)،   أبو القاسم الشابّي

يوم الإيدز العالمي World AIDS Day


اليوم هو يوم الإيدز العالمي، ولذلك قررت أن أكتب تدوينة “مسلوقة” (أي على عجل) أسأل فيها رأيكم ببعض المواضيع التي قد تكون خلافية بالنسبة للبعض.. لن أكتب أي معلومات “طبية” عن طرق الانتقال والوقاية لأنني أفترض أن الجميع بإمكانه الوصول إليها من العديد من المصادر الموثوقة بعملية بحث صغيرة على غوغل

بقي أن أذكر بعض الأشياء التي أجدها مهمة بنظري

لا يوجد مصح يحجر فيه على المرضى في سوريا كما عرضت بعض المسلسلات السورية

الفحص في سوريا يضمن جهالة هوية الشخص حيث لا يوجد إلا شخص واحد فقط لديه أسماء المصابين وهو مدير البرنامج الوطني لمكافحة  الإيدز ، ولكن فقط يتوجب على المصابين إخبار شخص واحد يثقون به من أقربائهم أو أصدقائهم ليتمكن من توفير العناية المناسبة لهم عند انهيار جهاز المناعة في المراحل الأخيرة من الإصابة

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