Bringing Nothing to the Party by Paul Carr

Today Paul Carr, my favorite author on Tech Crunch, announced that he will make the pdf version of his latest book “Bringing Nothing to Party” available for free through a Creative Commons licence allowing noncommercial redistribution while crediting his website .

I haven’t read the book yet so I will withhold giving an opinion for now. If you feel adventurous enough to start reading a 275 page book you can download it right here.

  1. sylwiapresley says:

    I am not sure if I like the way Paul positions himself in the book, but it’s definitely a good read if you want to understand some of the mechanisms of business in London, social media and socialising in general;) I liked the book!

  2. Anas Qtiesh says:

    is my blog's new design readable to you? مقروء الثيم الجديد لموقعي يا جماعة، حاسس إنو لأ

  3. Anas says:

    testing Ajax comments.

  4. Anas says:

    It doesn’t work as well as I though, WTF…

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