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They had it Coming

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“So is it you [the Syrians] or the Iranians next on the American list?” Asked a friend of mine in a recent IM conversation, and continued with the following statement “well since both Syria and Iran are democracies and the people elected their governments and can hold them accountable for their actions, they deserve to face the American Wrath.”

I won’t comment on the fact that both regimes are democracies and people can hold their governments accountable. You can’t argue with that since both “repeatedly introduced themselves to the world as being democratic.”

The last outburst of American Wrath has cost the Iraqis 2 million lives and turned about 4 million of them into refugees scattered around the world. Iraqi young women – even minors – resorting/forced into prostitution just to keep there families from starving to death (I’ve personally came across families that can’t afford a daily meal of more than a couple of loaves of bread a day for the entire lot of 6-8 people!) Iraq’s infrastructure is devastated beyond repair, and new explosions are shedding Iraqi blood into the Euphrates so often that even news agencies lost interest in covering the daily hell on earth Iraqis are forced to live through as a consequence of American Wrath. But hey, they had it coming.

Saying that is worse than saying that rape victims brought it upon themselves by wearing revealing clothes, might as well advise them to lay back and try to enjoy it! Despite the “NO it’s not” answer I got when I asked, I still hope the whole idea was nothing more than a sick joke.

Democracy Vs. Idiocracy

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The following argument will be based on the theorem that the masses are genuinely stupid. Therefore, the notion of choosing a leader of a given group or organization by the process of popular vote is mistakenly called a democracy while in fact it is utter idiocracy.

Let’s take the current US elections for example; the general public are willing to believe that cows fly if they were told that by someone they “trust”/like. This is the main problem: How can we trust the masses that display room temperature IQ to choose the leader of the American Empire? How could this be a wise decision when it comes from a majority of Idiots? The crowds have not spared an effort to display how gullible they are, and how easy it is to wash their minds; assuming they have them in the first place. It is very often that they take their facts from media sources that are as shameless as the communist propaganda machines.

“But what is the answer?” You say. Well, the answer is to have representatives [will be referred to as “the reps” from now on] of both nominees for the president pick the people who are eligible to vote, the same way that those lawyers you see on T.V. choose a jury for a trial. Here’s a possible set of rules for the Neo Democracy:

  1. The reps have the right to ask the voters any questions, nothing is off limits.
  2. Each and every rep has the right to VITO VETO person’s eligibility to vote [The phrase “right to vote” was not used on purpose].
  3. To be eligible to vote reps of both parties should approve the person in question.
  4. All voters should under go the afore mentioned assessment process.
  5. At least 15% percent of the population that are old enough to vote should be deemed eligible, thus canceling the possibility of the reps denying eligibility of voters out of spite and ending up with no voters at all. Minimal agreement must be forced through.

A presumed selection process would go like this:
Q: Do you think Obama is a Muslim?
A: Ummm… Sure, he made oath on the Quran when he got office.
*BEEEP* a red light goes that has VITO VETO written in capitals all over it, a big security guard yells “neeeeeext”
Q: Wouldn’t it be great to have McCain the war hero as president and that sexy fox Palin as his sidekick VP?
*Beep* (You get the drill)
Q: Do you know what are the religions of presidential candidates?
A: Sorry, but I don’t see how’s your question relevant.
(Now this last guy just might pass under the rule of 15% minimum)

Now wouldn’t we all be living in a better world if Neo Democracy were implemented? Isn’t it the best model to pursue? Then again, why should we even care? Can we even guarantee an honest tamper-proof cast of vote would take place in a best case scenario?

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In Defence of Cane; the Untold Story

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Cane is probably the most unfortunate figure in the entirety of human history; he is remembered as a vengeful and lustful murderer. Found here is the long lost version of the events, hoping it does him right. After all, he is our second greatest grandfather.

The story has it that Cane and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve the parents of all humanity. One day they had to offer sacrifices to god – certain versions of the story claim they offered it to Zeus, but there’s really no way to tell after all this time – Abel the shepherd offers a sheep to the almighty while his brother; farmer Cane offers him a grains and fruits from his fields. short story shorter, God likes the offerings of Abel while getting angry at Cane for his “pitiful” sacrifice, why an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient entity could be angry at a mere mortal is beyond me. By then, Cane thinks to himself “tough luck, I guess God likes burgers better.”

When they’re old enough to marry, it is decided that they marry their sisters. It is okay really, back then nobody has heard of incest, So Abel ends up marrying the hot sister and Cane thinks to himself “God might like him better, that’s fine, but there’s no way in Hell I’m marrying the fat chic.” Cane picks up a rock and smashes that smug’s head for stealing his girl. Can you blame him? I mean after a streak of bad luck you realize that praying isn’t cutting it for you and that you have to take matters into your own hands. Who are we to judge him for that?

Come to think of it, all later wars and man kill his brother man can be traced back to one single reason: trying to impress chics – trying to get some! That’s our Original Sin, LUST, which shouldn’t be called a sin at all; it’s more of a public service, to the species that is.

future post assignment: at the danger of being considered a misogynist, I will try to prove that the origin of major wars in human history is in fact related  to women.

Out of Sight

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She said “It’s better that we’re not seeing each other.”

He couldn’t tell her that he sees her each time he closes his eyes.

Still in Alpha

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Bear with me while I finish tweaking and putting together this place the way I want..